Sugaring – An Organic Way to Brazilian Wax

Sugar Brazilian Wax

For those green-minded individuals looking to use unadulterated hygiene products, just say, “pour some sugar on me!” Sugar waxing, or “sugaring,” is quickly becoming a popular method of Brazilian waxing in an organic way.

Sugaring uses sugar wax instead of the honey wax traditionally used in a Brazilian wax procedure. The blend of sugar, lemon juice and water is 100 percent natural and is safe for most sensitive skin and skin conditions.

Many are turning to sugar hair removal instead of a traditional Brazilian wax because it is often less painful. Sugar wax does not need to be heated as much which provides less discomfort and damage to the skin’s surface.

How Does Organic Brazilian Waxing Work?

The warm sugar gel is designed to adhere to the hair, not the skin, thereby minimizing painful tugs on this sensitive region. Estheticians trained in sugar waxing pull in the same direction as the hair growth to alleviate trauma to the skin.

Sugar waxing is typically done in the earliest stage of hair growth (called the anagen stage), unlike traditional Brazilian waxing that calls for some hair length for proper adhesion of the wax. Regrowth is often slower and finer when hair is removed at an early stage.

An added benefit to a sugar Brazilian wax is that sugar is a natural antiseptic, making it a sanitary procedure. The sugar mixture also cannot adhere to living skin cells which makes it a safe Brazilian wax procedure for those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

One drawback to sugaring is when dealing with an individual with thick coarse hairs. Such individuals can have hair that is a challenge for the sugar wax to remove.

This is not always the case but you should always be prepared by having other Brazilian waxing modalities available if needed.

As with any waxing procedure, cleanliness is essential. Estheticians practicing the sugar Brazilian wax should keep the sugar solution in separate containers and should never double-dip—which is a taboo in traditional Brazilian waxing.

Sugar wax is also water-soluble and easy to remove from skin and clothing. Stay tuned for our upcoming how-to video on sugar waxing.

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